A room addition allows you to permanently open your new room to your existing home. Depending on the materials used to build a sunroom, insulation, electrical, etc. a sunroom may or may not qualify as the “outer envelope” of the house. If a room qualifies as outer envelope, then the existing exterior door can be removed and the room can be permanently opened to the house, if desired. In this case, the sunroom becomes a room addition.

Carolina Home Exteriors can build your room addition to suit any purpose, including sunrooms or more conventional living space. Our design consultants will help you through the decision making process, addressing items such as interior and exterior finish, lighting and electric and heating and air conditioning. We can handle every aspect of your project, right down to painting and flooring, saving you from the hassle of having to deal with multiple contractors. Our extensive experience in remodeling makes us uniquely qualified to create the perfect room addition on your home.