Sunrooms are one of the most popular features in homes today, both in new construction and remodeling. While the term “sunroom” is widely used, it most commonly refers to a room on the back of a house with walls that consist mostly of fixed and operational windows. The glazing (glass) can be single pane or insulated (double pane) and the roof styles vary from the studio roof, which is virtually flat to the shingled shed and shingled gable.

When planning for the addition of a sunroom or screen room, homeowners will be faced with many decisions, such as size, layout, door placement, roof style, insulated vs. single pane glass, color, etc. Before making these choices, the homeowner should consider these questions: Do we want to use the room year round or only in the spring and fall? What is the most likely use of the room- i.e. dining and entertaining, hot tub, plants, workout, etc.? Am I concerned about resale value and adding value to my home? What colors and roof styles will be compatible with my existing house? What is and isn’t allowed by my homeowners’ association? Will the room have a high sun exposure? Do we want to heat and cool the room?

Our experienced design consultants will be able to address all of these issues with you and make the buying process much easier as well as help to insure that in the end, you will be happy with your new addition.

If planned properly, your new sunroom will be the most enjoyable room in your home, giving you the opportunity to be “outdoors” while still indoors.