Insurance Questions

At B & R Auto Body Works Inc. we understand that insurance is essential for legal matters pertaining to owning and driving a vehicle, as much it is in most other matters of life. Apart from being insured ourselves, we strive to ensure that we have a good relation with most insurance companies in the industry. This way, we simplify insurance handling when you approach us for auto body repair services.

These are amongst some of the insurance companies that we have established a working relation with and who approve us:

  • Ameriprise
  • Amica
  • Allstate
  • Geico
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Select Service
  • Progressive
  • USAA
  • Chubb
  • Infinity

To see whether your insurance company works with B & R Auto Body Works Inc., get in touch with us on phone via 954-943-7010 or online for more information.

Your rights! Know them

Auto collisions and accidents are stressing to say the least bit, and it is essential that you do not have to stress over knowing insurance workings and processes. Here are some questions that are frequently asked, and which will help you know more about your insurance policies and our services.

Will the insurance company guarantee your work?

While we can guarantee our work, the insurance company reserves no legal capacity to warranty a third party’s services.

Who pays for repairs?

Repair costs coverage depends on who is at fault. If you have a collision or comprehensive insurance cover and are at fault, your company may pay for costs minus deductibles. In the case where the other party is at fault, repair costs are to be covered by their insurance company.

Do I have to accept the insurance company’s appraisal of damage?

No. Use the “appraisal clause” under you cover if you differ with the company’s appraisal. This way, you are more able to reach a more reasonable agreement with your insurance through an appraiser both of you are comfortable with assessing damage, or through an “umpire” (third-party) if you still cannot agree.

Do I have the right to a rental car?

This depends on whether or not you have rental car coverage. If you were not the responsible party in the accident, your insurance company should reimburse you to cover the cost of renting a vehicle. In the case another driver is responsible; the party’s insurance company should cover the cost.

If you have no rental car coverage and are the responsible party in the accident, then this disqualifies you from seeking reimbursement. However, if the other driver was responsible, then you reserve the right to seek reimbursement from the party’s insurance company.

Need to know more about your rights? Then get in touch with us on 954-943-7010 or book an appointment with us online.